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Doyles Seafood – Corporate Identity

We all know that the best fish and chips come wrapped in newspaper. However, that’s not something a brand or restaurant can really own (and as we know, even litter can be an important touchpoint for your brand). What Doyles Seafood, an Australian brand did, was to redesign their entire corporate identity with the help of The Creative Method and designer Emma Lucia Newnes, taking inspiration from newspapers of old.

We see how this applies to the menu, which is presented as a ‘vintage’ newspaper, but also the packaging itself, with traditional fast food cartons and containers printed in newspaper-inspired motifs.

We love how the concept of this project was applied so strongly all the way through – it’s not just a new menu with the same old cartons, it has been designed from the ground up and this kind of strong branding is something consumers are coming to expect more and more.

Kudos all around! Now who is in for lunch? We know a great fish and chips place…


Taco Bell – Routine Republic

When you think of fast food ads, you think of happy people who look like they don’t eat too much fast food doing vague lifestyle-orientated activities. The goal is, presumably, to misdirect your attention from foods that can easily hit your recommended daily allowance in one meal.

But Taco Bell in the US have taken it one step further with this campaign by Deutsch – aiming to break the breakfast tyranny of a certain happy clown and his burgers. Is this a bit too serious for fast food? Maybe… It certainly makes a statement though.

Check out the launch video below.

Broody, great grading, washed out art direction – we think it’s good!

We also loved the print ads for the campaign, drawing loads of inspiration from propaganda posters to bring this fascist fast food state to life.