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Cristina Daura – Illustration

Cristina Daura is an illustrator based in Barcelona. When we saw her bold, crisp work we fell in love with it immediately. Daura manages to bring together a number of strong colours that almost shouldn’t work together along with stark geometric shapes and detailed callouts.

Such strong, instantly identifiable work! We can’t get enough of it!


Evgeny Parfenov Illustration

Evgeny Parfenov is a Russian illustrator. His simplified portrait style works perfectly for punchy editorial images alongside great articles in magazines or newspapers.

Here we’ve shared just a few, including a number of musicians you should recognise (Dr Dre, Macklemore etc) as well as Angela Merkel – Parfenov has captured her public persona so well with his illustration we couldn’t leave it out, despite her not fitting in with the others. Although… who knows? Perhaps Angela Merkel has rapping skills we don’t know about?