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Jacaranda FM – Lipsync Billboard

What a fun piece by Halo, an advertising agency based in Johannesburg. To help bring Jacaranda FM’s commitment to more music you like and less fluff, they developed a billboard that featured a live lipsync to the music that was playing on the radio at the time.

Don’t believe it can be done? Check out the video below – it was all real!


Kit Kat Billboard

Billboards are a very unique way to communicate, in that they need to get a message across as quickly as possible. As we know – people are usually walking or driving past them, if the message is not snappy and smart it will be lost.

We love this brave work for Kit Kat by JWT London¬†where we see Kit Kat’s payoff line: Have a break have a Kit Kat only half finished – as if the person putting up the billboard went on a break instead of finishing their work. And note too that there isn’t even a Kit Kat logo here. Very brave!

Simple, smart and effective – just the way we like our billboards to be!