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Stellenbosch Academy Alumnus Works On Awesome Wine Labels

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing our alumni go out and create awesome work out there in the world! This work by Ashton Winkworth is no exception. She works at G2 Design in Stellenbosch, which created these amazing typography-driven wine labels. We love how the design of the type itself represents the meaning of the word! We sense a possible design brief for our students coming up…

Ashton created the ‘Aquiver’ label you see above! Well done!

You can see more of her work on her Behance profile here.

And do check out Rascallion wines here.


Kyle Weeks – Palm Wine Collectors from Namibia

Kyle Weeks is an ex-student of the Academy and we are so excited watching his career blossom as he spends time in his home country of Namibia, documenting everything through his lens.

We’ve included some of his images here where he shot portraits of palm wine collectors in Namibia to show you what he’s been up to. So well composed and bringing to life the lushness of the palms – beautiful!

We also suggest you check out this link here at Atlas, a photography site, where Kyle gave a great interview as to his process and motivations for his work in Namibia.

Kyle Weeks Photography

At the Stellenbosch Academy there’s nothing we love more than seeing our alumni excel and carve out a name for themselves out there! Here, we’re sharing the work of Kyle Weeks, who studied photography with us.

To see more of Kyle’s work, have a look at this tumblr account here, or even better – follow him on Instagram here.


Catherine Holtzhausen – Illustrator

Catherine Holtzhausen is an ex student of the Stellenbosch Academy who graduated in 2014 after specialising in Illustration.

We’ve shared just one of her projects here, but you can see more on her Behance profile (which we do suggest you spend the time checking out!). We’ve always loved her style and way of approaching illustration. Her use of narrative and story telling is incredibly compelling.

But there’s more good news than just Catherine’s great work, she has been nominated for a Creative Nestlings Award for Young African Visual Artist. You can vote for her at the previous link and we really hope you do!

Well done Catherine!