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KFC Suppertime Stories

This one’s a goody!

KFC, along with Ogilvy Jo’burg, created limited edition laser cut buckets that can be transformed into story-telling devices. Through nifty use of a smart phone, these buckets help bring family time and storytelling back to the fore in a time when we really need them.

To see how they did it, watch the video below.


Noble Rey Brewing – Packaging

We’ve featured quite a few craft beer packaging designs on the blog, because, well… they’re generally quite special. As the category is more fun and experimental, it allows for more expression when it comes to design. Not bound by issues of ‘heritage’ and ‘tradition’ in their branding, as most older more established beers are, craft beer brands are allowed to be more fun and engaging in their design. And while we may see some interesting limited edition cans and other things from established ‘corporate’ brewers – they tend not to push the envelope too far.

Enter Noble Rey, with their illustration-forward design. In a category that is all about experimentation and finding interesting ways to stand out, these are just spot on. With nifty character design, Noble Rey created stackable cans that form full size characters when you line them up properly. If you were to walk into a bottle store or bar and see these lined up like this, how could you not ask for one? They’re just so much fun!


No Wine No See – Packaging

This wine packaging from Taipei is such a great breath of fresh air. Here in SA we are so used to what wine is ‘supposed’ to look like, that when you see it represented in a new way it really makes you rethink how we consider wine design. For us wine (almost) always comes in a 750 ml bottle and is all about heritage and terroir. We want to know which farm made the wine, under what conditions. We want to see a label that indicates mastery and trust.

But what about wine labels that are a bit more loose? A bit more fun and inviting? These are questions that Nio Ni, the designer asked, and answered really well. Here we see a fun, illustrative set of wine labels that change the way we see the category.

It just goes to show, in the world of design and branding, there is definitely more than one way to skin a cat!

Old Cellar Dweller Barleywine Packaging

This packaging for Driftwood Beer by Hired Guns Creative shows just how exciting the craft beer category has become for great design and illustration. We do suggest you check out the links above to get a feel for some of the amazing work that has been done.

This is for ‘Old Cellar Dweller’ Barleywine, and features a skeleton graphic that looks like it could have come straight from a Tales From The Crypt comic or a skateboard deck from the 80s. Maybe a bit scary for some, but a great design and illustration solution for a category that allows brands to be more playful with their packaging and identity!