3rd Year Student Film – Midnight at the Flambabosa

Our 3rd year Multimedia students have collaborated on a film which will be releasing very soon called, ‘Midnight at the Flambabosa’. It was penned, produced and promoted by them under the collective name of Eazy Eez Productions.

We’ll leave you with the official blurb below:

The film follows Nathan (Samuel Janutsch), writer of the marvellous and fantastic, as he sets out to write the many chapters of his next book. When a gust of wind, announcing Amber’s (Jessica Janutsch) arrival, dislodges his hat, which is always lined with tinfoil, things become… a bit weird. Occupants of the café are transformed into the characters in his book. Trapped in a construct of his own making, will Nathan find his way out or how will his story end?

We can’t wait to see it!


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