Volterman Smart Wallet – Design

A smart wallet is not the first thing you think of as a gentleman’s essential, but in the modern age it’s fast becoming something that can really improve your life. With a host of features like a powerbank (to charge your phone), GPS (so you always know where it is), a bluetooth sensor (so you won’t forget either it or your phone behind) and even a pinhole camera (that can show you who opened your wallet last if you lost it) – this wallet clearly has it all.

So how to present it then?

Enter Backbone Branding, who have created this great look and feel for the product, along with a nifty package. And if you were unsure of the power of a good idea and some great design to go along with it – this project met 100% of its funding goal in just one day on Indiegogo. That’s how powerful it can be!

You can have a look at the Volterman website here.



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