Monthly Archives: April 2017

Patagonia – Bears Ears Website

This interactive site from Patagonia speaks to a core brand value – looking after the earth and not doing any harm. Using amazing photography, immersive 360 degree experiences and a great story, this project from Patagonia aims to help the Bears Ears region in Utah.

We do suggest you spend some time looking through the site and learning more.

Check it out here.

Creanet – Magazine Design

Good publication design is harder and harder to find these days as we see a huge shift away from print and toward digital. What’s happened though, which suits design nerds like us endlessly, is that as print gets harder to come by it becomes more niche. That means that people will take bigger risks and spend more to make something worth keeping and cherishing, rather than something to simply throw away.

Enter Creanet, a Spanish design studio, who designed this incredible architectural magazine simply called ’12’. With a die-cut design that you can’t deny, this is how print stays relevant: Becoming super high end and absolutely collectable.

Now just to get our hands on one of these!

Rob Bailey – London Transport Posters

We never share work we don’t like, but this work by Rob Bailey and M&C Saatchi London for Transport for London is a real favourite. Using his trademark simplified style,  Bailey has created a series of posters for the London public transport network that are a true work of art.

When it comes to high end design and illustration meeting perfectly – it doesn’t get better than this!

Yota Yoshida – Photography

Yota Yoshida is a Japanese photographer who captures those small, private, human moments that mean so much. The kind of feelings and images that you could never pose models for. With a specific focus on public spaces and the way people use them and find personal moments within them, Yoshida’s work means so much in a country like Japan, where people can live so close to each other. In a city like Tokyo, those private moments become so much more important and poignant.

Check out more of his amazing work below!

Roberta Sant’anna – Parque Aquatico

Roberta Sant’anna is a Brazilian photographer who currently resides in Berlin. Here we’re sharing her work, ‘Parque Aquatico’ where she spent time at a quaint old water park in Brazil, photographing the visitors. It’s such a beautiful look into the seeming banality of a water park and yet at the same time, Sant’anna’s eye imbues her subjects with such heart and feeling.


Smorgasbord – Rebranding Wales

How do you go about rebranding an entire country? What an incredible challenge to be given! This is just the mountain that design studio Smörgåsbord had to climb, when they were tasked to create a new identity for the country of Wales. With a new logo, new typeface, great editorial design and some incredibly art-directed films, you can see that rebranding a country with as much as history as Wales is no joke.

Please do take the time to recognise just how much work into this amazing project. It really gets us thinking what could be done here in South Africa, were we to engage in a full-on rebrand of all our design. It could be incredible!

Luke Stephenson – Clown Egg Register

When is a portrait not a portrait? This sounds like the kind of joke or riddle you’d imagine a clown would tell. In this case – quite a pertinent one. Photographer, Luke Stephenson, took a visit to the Clown Egg Register – a kind of copyright association for clowns – and took pictures of all the eggs. While us normal non-clown folk may not know it, each clown’s face is meant to be unique. Stealing another clown’s look is definitely frowned upon. To combat this, in the 1940s in America, clowns began to register their makeup in a central place, using eggshells as the medium of choice. And thus, the Clown Egg Register was born.

And that’s how you get a portrait that’s not a portrait! See anyone you recognise?