Monthly Archives: January 2017

Ryosuke Takamura – Photography

Ryosuke Takamura is a Japanese photographer with a singular focus: Documenting life in the Fukui Prefecture where he lives. He sees it as his life’s mission – to represent the people there and show what life is like in this quiet, sleepy part of Japan.

There’s such an incredible contradiction in this work. The banal scenes of life in Fukui are somehow made poignant and meaningful, purely because Takamura focuses his lens on them. On one hand this photography could be called ‘hyper-documentary’ – there are multiple scenes of people simply waiting for things, on the other hand they are imbued with such meaning all at the same time.

Take a look at more of his work below!


CASIO G-SHOCK MR-G 20th Anniversary

What amazing work from McCann Erickson Tokyo for Casio G-Shock. Using bonsai trees, beautiful photography and styling and an incredible video, the agency was able to really bring an abstract idea like time to life. Stunning time-lapse photography is used to great effect here as we see blossoming plants all around the MR-G.

So clean, so crisp, so well art directed!


World Packaging Organisation’s WorldStar Student Awards

What a lovely way to start the year! We just heard that Lhente Strydom and Stephanie le Roux were award certificates for the World Packaging Organisation’s WorldStar Student Awards.

The details:

Lhente Strydom – WorldStar Student Certificate of Merit for her Expand your Potential with Futurelife.

Stephanie le Roux – WorldStar Student Certificate of Recognition for her The Pantie Line.

Well done!

Andy Awards – Print Campaign

Campaigns for ad awards shows are always fun. They allow our fellow creatives to flex their muscles and do something a little more out there as the audience is of course… fellow creatives. This work by Deutsch New York uses really fun illustrations of the show’s judges as defenders of ‘good ideas’. The copy line: Great ideas are senselessly killed every day. The 2017 Andys jury is here to defend the best ones.


HP – Sound in Colour

Okay… this is a fun one! This interactive project by Resn is a promotional piece for the new HP Spectre x360, an incredible new computer. This website is just as incredible. By recording sound from your microphone, it converts that into images and brush strokes, creating computer-generated once-off artworks that come directly from the sounds you make, the music you’re listening to or the conversation you’re having.

You have to try it out for yourself!

Visit the site here.

Guinness – Glass Designs

We all know the distinctive Guinness tulip glass. It is as much a brand property as the iconic harp logo we’ve seen in bars and Irish pubs the world over. But how do you allow for new interpretations of Guinness as a drink, while still retaining the original brand properties? This problem was facing Guinness Malaysia.

To solve it, they simple designed iconic cocktail glasses within the original Guinness glass. What an incredible piece of product design!

Check out the designs below, and a great explainer video too.


Thomas Prior – Photography

People do amazing things, commemorate the strangest ideas and continue to be inspiring. Photography does such a great job of capturing these moments of humanity and allowing us a window into these worlds or ways of thinking that we may not ever have been aware of.

This work by Thomas Prior does exactly that. Prior visited the ‘Festival of the Exploding Hammers’ in San Juan de la Vega in Mexico. The idea: Commemorating a war from hundreds of years ago by strapping explosives to sledge hammers, then slamming them into the ground to cause an explosion. The images he was able to capture, the moments in time, are just incredible. Each subject is alone in the photograph, surrounded by the immediate result of the explosion – smoke, debris and dust flying everywhere. So much dynamism and so much action! You’ll be hard-pressed to find something more adrenalin-pumping this week!