Kenzo World – Film

Perfume adverts offer such great opportunities for creating ads that really have no boundaries. It makes sense if you think about it – you can’t smell a fragrance through a film, but you can bring to life an idea or a feeling that is inspired by the fragrance. Sometimes these can end up a little insipid (famous actress walking through a city / ballroom / forest with a slow-motion kind of feel) but very often we get something truly out there.

This piece, directed by Spike Jonze, for Kenzo World is most definitely one of those that took advantage of the freedom of perfume advertising. This takes the way we traditionally think about perfume advertising and really turns it on its head. Added to this, because this is appearing online, Jonze isn’t limited in time to 30 seconds or 1 minute – he has the space to tell the story he wants to.

We open in a similar way to what we would expect – a beautiful woman in some kind of ball room, but something’s wrong. She looks a bit uneasy and we quickly notice that we can’t really hear what the people are saying around her. She gets up and then…


You’ll have to watch below to find out what happens!


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