Under Armour – It Comes From Below

An agency like Droga5 needs no introduction, but if you’re unaware of them, they’re one of the hottest creative shops in the world and they continue to crank out hit after hit. We’ve recently featured some great work they did and this new piece for Under Armour is no exception.

It’s amazing to see how the right kind of branding and storytelling can add so much emotion and gravitas to a brand. Under Armour has been around for the last few years but has not yet reached the ‘brand nirvana’ the likes of Nike are able to reach. Their recent work with Droga5, including the piece for Michael Phelps (which won a film craft Grand Prix at Cannes), has been hitting the mark spot on.

This piece is just perfect. The moody art direction is amazing and the clever idea to use found numbers in and around a baseball stadium to bring the copy to life is inspired. It begins with the line, “Baseball is a numbers game” and we hear the story of Bryce Harper told through his stats. The camera jumps around, showing all the places where numbers appear in the stadium, relevant to his career numbers. So smart, so simple and so right.

Have a look below!



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