Axe – Find Your Magic

When you think of ads for Axe there are certain things you just expect to see. Guys simply spraying themselves with product and women falling over themselves to get closer, inexorably drawn to the scent of… well… mass-produced deodorant.

That is what makes this new ad for Axe such a departure from their previous work. Here, we are seeing a much more inclusive idea of what it means to be a man in 2016 (and it starts with a great swipe at Old Spice and their muscly, uber-mensch style archetype). We have someone in a wheelchair, a guy in heels doing his thing and even some homosexual flirting in a record shop.

What a great, inclusive way for Axe to reposition themselves as a brand that can appeal to ALL men, no matter how they identify themselves, rather than something appealing to a rather teenage subset of the male fraternity. On top of this, the ad is shot beautifully, with loads of great vignettes and a kickass voiceover to boot. It’s firing on all cylinders.

Go on Axe! Keep doing more of this!


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