Finally! Finally finally finally!

It was announced just two weeks ago now that Thomas Heatherwick; architect, designer and genius will be designing and overseeing the transformation of the V&A Waterfront’s disused grain silos into what will be known as the Zeitz Museum Of Contemporary African Art (MOCAA). This was announced for the first time during his talk at Design Indaba 2014, where he unveiled his design and explained his thinking behind the project.

He raised the important question: How do you repurpose a building of 42 separate tubes in such a way as to create cohesive gallery spaces and to allow people to move through the space at the same time. In the world of Thomas Heatherwick – you carve a giant egg shape right out of the middle of the grain silos, creating unexpected shapes and angles that are nothing but beautiful.


This cathedral to African Art is being partly funded and supported by Jochen Zeitz, the previous CEO and Chairman of Puma. With his extensive contemporary African art collection, this project offers him the perfect space to showcase what he has collected so far, as well as to share it with Africa (and of course the Waterfront’s tourists) at large.

With planned galleries, cafes, restaurants and a sculpture garden on the roof – the Zeitz MOCAA is about to become our new favourite place in Cape Town. We cannot wait to see how this project pans out!



For more from the amazing Thomas Heatherwick, check out his TED Talk below, describing five of his recent project.



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