Am I Collective – TFG Gift Cards

There’s something special about making things with your hands, about using real craftsmanship to make something because you know it will turn out better if you do it a certain way. These gift cards for The Foschini Group were painstakingly created by hand and then shot. It would have been easy enough to create these illustrations digitally, but going the extra mile creates something incredible.

Definitely not one to try if you’ve got a shaky hand or you hate getting paper cuts!

IMG_6012-620x413 IMG_5792-620x413 IMG_5528-620x413 DSC_9769-620x410 DSC_0178-620x410 DSC_0245-620x410 DSC_0248-620x410 IMG_5833-620x413 TFG-Final-Cards-Female-620x393 TFG-Final-Cards-Male-1-620x3931

Check out more of Am I Collective’s work here.


One thought on “Am I Collective – TFG Gift Cards

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